Blazeman Warrior® and Foundation Gear - The Blazeman Foundation for ALS is proud to partner with Nightmare Graphics to provide our Team Blazeman® Warriors and other supporters in the WarOnALS® with the ability to purchase clothing and merchandise to help raise awareness. Current Team Blazeman® warriors also have the ability to purchase extra gear so you can always train and race while supporting ALS.

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Iron Blazeman song available for download - Go directly to Itunes, Amazon or wherever you buy your music and purchase this song "Iron Blazeman" by the Blazeman Band! All the money from sales goes directly to the Blazeman Foundation to find a cure for A.L.S. "So others may live"®!

THE ARTISTS AND ATHLETES-This song was written and recorded by Ampage lead Singer/Bassist and IronmanTriathlete Mark Mason and Def Leppard drummer Rick Allen To help raise money and awareness for the Blazeman Foundation in finding a cure for A.L.S. The other musicians include Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and Dramarama guitarist Mark Inglert along with singer Pamela Mason and special thanks to Simon Gowen. The other singers on this song are professional Ironman athletes and Triathletes. They include - Chrissie Wellington, Leanda Cave, Mirinda Carfrae, Andy Potts, Bryan Rhodes, Scott Tinley, Mike Reilly, Matty Reed, Wingnut, Fiona Docherty, Jasmine Oeinck, Mary Miller, Amanda Hahnn, Holly Bennett and The Blazeman Warriors!