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"I first saw your incredible story while watching the 2005 Ironman. As an avid baseball history fan I consider Lou Gehrig one of the greatest because he was likely the first to give ALS a voice. Your voice has been much louder and stronger thank goodness. The words THANK YOU are not enough to express how you have opened eyes and minds about ALS and hopefully soon there will be a cure."

Mary Ann Pults

OC Blazeman Team 179
WHAT A WEEKEND!  OC BLAZEMAN TEAM 179 tied for first place in the team division at the Huntington Beach Pier swim.  We are glad Bob had the chance to be there and regret that all of the Ryan family could not be in two places at once representing The Blazeman Foundation. John Ryan, Dana Ryan, Kyle Ryan, Christopher Krajacic, Daniel Kwong, Rebecca Kwong, and Joe Cusimano represented our team in Warrior Tri suits.  If you have not already seen the photos, they are on tri cal's website for Escape From Alcatraz.  On Saturday morning, John, Dana, Kyle and Chritopher made our way to the sand ladder where I read the Battle Cry and John's words on the back of his Kona Bib number.  It was a struggle to get the words out without breaking out in tears, but I managed to; just as the same emotion is
welling up in my heart at this moment.  We spread his ashes on the first step and made our way to the top of the ladder and did the same.  I left a Blazeman Warrior sticker on the base of the top step and also on a sign post for all the athletes to see as they eclipsed the sand ladder.  On Sunday morning, Dana and I spread the remaining ashes off the back of the boat at Alcatraz.  I drew inspiration from Jon all during the race, as did the entire team.  Christopher had a bike crash at mile three on a decent and thankfully, escaped without serious injury.  He was able to finish the bike and after a lengthy transition, decided to continue and complete the run.  He had a few raspberries on his back and rear; his uniform was unscathed.  He said the Blazeman Shield protected him.  I know it was more than that, and am thankful he is all in one piece.

We met other Blazeman Warriors and were able garner interest in the FIGHT against ALS. 

In Strength and Honor,
John, Dana, Kyle, Christopher, Daniel, Rebecca, Joe

Blazeman Rolls!

Team Blazeman Warriors in action

Eagleman 2007 - Cancer Warrior Holly Gannoe Rolls for Blazeman

"Brian and Kevin -
It was truly a pleasure getting to meet you on Sunday at Eagleman. While I have been very fortunate to have not experienced the devastation of ALS in my family, as I told Brian, I was moved when I saw John's story in the NBC coverage of Ironman Hawaii 2005 and then his race the following year in 2006." More...